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16 Seater Minibus Hire Cardiff

Cardiff is an absolutely beautiful city in Wales and if you are there with a small group of people, hire one of our 16 seater minibus hire in cardiff s to make the travel arrangements more convenient. These vehicles are perfect for a number of different occasions including hen nights, sightseeing, and more. At Cardiff Coach Hire, our 16 seater is a Ford Transit which is a very reliable minibus that will get you where you need to be in a timely manner and safely.

Most Cardiff Coach hire companies also peg their prices on mileage and how long the trip will last. The further you would like to go, the higher the cost of the coach hire services will be. Other coaches hire companies to factor in any extra charges. These additional charges may include any entrance fees to places you may visit as well as any refreshments or food you may be served during the trap.

 If you looking for a 16 seater minibus hire in cardiff you are looking to hire a coach during a peak season, expect to see a higher quote than usual. So what can you do? Well, consider visiting in the low or offseasons. Apart from getting cheaper quotes on your coach hire, it is likely that there won't be too many people at your destination and thus will be able to enjoy your visit that much more. Next, if you are planning to go during the high season, ensure to book early. As the coaches get fewer and fewer, some companies can jack up their prices to take advantage of the rise in demand and dip in supply.

We know exactly what appeals to our customers, after all, we were established way back in 1974 already, and over the decades, as a reputable Cardiff coach hire company, we have built up a solid reputation of providing well for our customers. With so many decades of experience behind us, we know that apart from luxurious, well-maintained coaches, our passengers look for much more. With Cardiff coach hire, they expect nothing less than friendly, professional drivers who look smart and enthusiastic, they want coaches that adhere to timetables, coaches that have plenty of room, are conditioned, have seatbelts, are flexible and who go the extra mile, adapting and accessorizing for road trippers so that everyone is happy and comfortable.

The minibus has a very nice and comfortable interior and other amenities on-board to make your journey even more enjoyable. We will try and give you our newest 16 seater minibus hire with driver  but this does depend on availability when you make your booking, all our vehicles are less than 6 years old however. There is ample leg room in this vehicle, there is also air conditioning, a stereo system, armrests and more. If you require any extras do not be afraid to ask because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Get in touch with Cardiff Coach Hire today and no matter what your needs might be, we are here to help. In addition to a reliable 16 seater minibus as a Ford transit, you will also get a qualified driver who will chauffeur you around.

16 Seater Minibus Hire Cardiff

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